Pensions & Retirement Planning

Targeting a retirement income

How much do you need to save for retirement? Better still, how much income do you require in retirement?

Statistically, 54% of the UK population face a shortfall in their required income. This means they are experiencing a below expectation standard of living.

Moorland Mayfair works with you to initially establish these retirement goals and then work toward achieving your target. By regular review of your investment holdings and retirement goals, we can ensure that you remain on track.

Our targeted wealth management proposition remains flexible and will be adapted around any changes circumstances.

The most detrimental and common approach is to bury your head in the sand or fall exposed to unnecessary risks. Entrust your retirement to regulated, qualified individuals who will seamlessly transition with you through to retirement.

Your options

Understanding the options at retirement are crucial. Pensions remains a political football and legislation that is law today.

May not currently be available to you – a lot of people are unaware that pensions do not automatically update to reflect new legislation. This means your retirement options may be considerably outdated and you may not be able to achieve your retirement goals or leave funds to loved ones.

Allowing Moorland Mayfair to analyse your current schemes and build a proposal of recommendations, in line with your goals, ensures your pension savings are tailored to work for you.

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Investments & Savings Management

Bespoke solutions & Moorland Mayfair’s Managed Portfolio Service

Bespoke Solutions

Under our targeted wealth management proposition, Moorland Mayfair will build bespoke investment proposals, relevant to your objectives and risk profile. Bespoke solutions aim to maximise tax efficiency and provide a proactive approach to investment management.

Our investment committee work tirelessly to ensure our clients remain at the forefront of an ever changing market place.

Solutions are built to meet specific requirements, provision of school or college fees for example, or it could be a planned business merger. The service incorporates the full scope of individual or corporate circumstances and arrangements to create an ongoing financial plan that is tailored and specific to your needs no matter the complexity of your requirements.

Moorland Mayfair’s Model Portfolio Service

Moorland Mayfair’s Model portfolio Service is a portfolio, constructed under Modern Portfolio Theory, where the diversification of investments maximises returns for a given level of risk.

The investment committee continuously monitor market behaviour & political news. On at least a quarterly basis, the committee will choose to ‘rebalance’ the portfolio to continually maximise returns, limit and potential any downside and ensure the portfolios remain within the allocated risk parameters.

Whilst we appreciate that each client circumstance is unique, the cost effective manner of the model portfolio service ensures they can be strategically implemented against your individual goals without detriment to the rest of your portfolio.

Effective Tax planning

“Tax doesn’t have to be taxing – HMRC” …

 …and quite rightly so. Tax efficiency within your portfolio is integral to the planning proposals we build. Across a range of retail investment products, we will determine the most efficient ‘wrapper’ to use as the foundation to meeting your objectives.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Protecting your estate

Having spent your life working hard, accumulating wealth, saving and growing your estate, it is natural that you would want to pass your wealth onto your loved ones.

Yet, without effective planning, you could be paying 40% of your estate over to HMRC.

In the financial year 2014/15, HMRC collect Inheritance Tax receipts in excess of £3.7billion, this rose to £4.6billion in the 15/16 year. (HMRC official reports)

As Lord Jenkins once quoted,

“Inheritance Tax is a voluntary tax paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue”

Yet we disagree, the lack of planning and proactive management of your wealth can cause you to become a statistic. By implementing a range of traditional and innovative solutions to minimise or remove the liability on your estate.

Insurance, Assurance, Protection

The need for protection trough Life Cover, Income Protection & Mortgage Assurance is significantly underestimated.

How would your Family cope after your untimely death, without your income and support? How would you cope if you lost your job, had an accident or fell seriously ill?

Statistically, the average individual’s savings would last just 2 months before they are unable to afford to cover the essentials. Moorland Mayfair offer a range of products that can protect you during times of hardship by searching the whole of market.

As founder Kyle Jones says “Save for a sunny day, not a rainy one”.

Will Writing Service 

Ever so simple, yet ever so important.

Will writing, a process than can give you peace of mind and avoid the unnecessary complication of dividing your estate and valuables, ensuring your wishes are adhered to upon your passing.

A paramount consideration, especially when estate planning.

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Workplace Benefits & Corporate Planning

Specialist, hands on solutions that are tailored to you and your workforce’s individual needs, explore our range of strategies and how we can implement:

  • Purchase of plant, machinery, assets or commercial property using Pension funds
  • Inheritance tax reductions
  • Strategic, tax efficient capital extraction from your business
  • Working capital injections into your business
  • Purchase of private shares
  • Auto enrolment qualifying workplace pension solutions
  • Group protection (death in service schemes)
  • Keyman assurance/ relevant life assurance
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Court of Protection Financial Planning

By utilising bespoke, purpose build solutions, we aid Trustees in constructing a compliant proposition to realise their regulatory requirements.

With extensive experience, we have solidified relationships with professionals through dealing with the Court of Protection, the Office of Public Guardian (OPG) and the Court Funds Office

This area of financial advice requires an understanding of the roles of Deputies in addition to having the knowledge of legal responsibilities and moral duties these professionals encounter whilst representing quite often, very vulnerable parties at extremely difficult times in their lives.

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Life Events

The demographic of today is such that change is necessary, scary, as we always fear the unknown, but necessary.

Fading is the trend of a career in a single place of work, single workplace pension, one or maybe two homes… and even one marriage!

Pivotal events in your lifetime like buying a home, saving for school fees and marriage form the goals in which we lay our planning foundations. Creating a plan with you and monitoring the progress regularly ensures the seamless and stress free accomplishment of your priorities.

Exiting a business and extracting capital with most tax efficiency is a well versed planning process Moorland Mayfair have encountered on numerous occasions.

Divorce can be a testing time, financially and especially with family involved. With long standing relationships and having worked alongside legal representatives, we can assist in the assessment and implementation of orders, developing plans to ensure correct planning is effected for ongoing security.

Later in life planning can be an effective way to preserve our estate in both your lifetime and following your demise. Care costs are determined following an assessment of your assets and can prove very expensive. Additionally, see further detail of our Will Writing, Protection and Inheritance Tax Planning within ‘what we do’.

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Cash flow planning & analysis

Demonstrating the value of financial planning

We use a suite of cash flow planning tools provided by CashCalc. This allows us to illustrate your financial planning journey in an easy to understand report, providing answers for crucial questions such as:

“Will I have enough income to survive retirement?”

“When is best to pay off my mortgage?” or even

“What happens if the financial markets crash?”

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