Theresa May has today called a snap election to be held on June 8th, in a bid to end ‘game playing’ by opposition parties and ‘ensure stability’ for EU exit negotiations. 

In an address made outside 10 Downing Street this morning, May has stated ‘If we do not hold a general election now then their political game playing will continue and negotiations with the EU will reach their most difficult stage in the run up to the next general election. We need a general election and we need one now,’

Although Labour have previously called May an unelected leader, Jeremy Corbyn had advised that Labour would not back an early election call. Yet, following the announcement this morning Labour announced that they will vote for the general election to be held. It will be interesting to see how Labours recent internal party problems, contrasted against public sector cuts and the beginning of Brexit negotiations, have an effect on the outcome of such an election. 


Kyle Jones of Moorland Mayfair Wealth Management

Kyle Jones DipPFS


18 April 2017