Brexit seems to be a dwindling Media topic, speckled with news outlets intermittently applying a defibrillator of memory when a state official from another country remind us of our decision.

Irrespective of your view or direction of voting, Prime Minister Teresa May has stepped in to guide us through our inevitable exit and in her words, assures that we will be leaving the European Union. There are still a number of questions that are yet to be answered, interlinked in their consequences, we are yet to learn of the effect it will have on savings and investments.

Are we to remain part of a single market? What controls will be applied to immigration? How will our ability to travel to other countries be affected? These questions, once answered will most certainly have a knock on effect across global markets in either a positive or negative aspect.

One thing is for certain, Moorland Mayfair’s investment committee will continue to monitor the marketplace and news to ensure that our clients maximize growth potential and limit the downside exposure as these live changing decisions are made.

Kyle Jones
Managing Director