The summer holidays have flown by once again, parents are trying to recover and still ensure children are prepared and presentable for the first day back to start a new school year.

Don’t forget the mandatory photo by the front door (in the clean uniform which you know in just a few hours, will come back looking like they’ve been in the trenches).

So with all that on your mind, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your child’s school fees. That’s where Moorland Mayfair’s School fee planning can assist.

Goals based planning, referred to as our targeted wealth management is a system of calculating the financial requirements and steps you will need to take to ensure that school fee cheques go off without a glitch.

Planning with Moorland Mayfair safeguards funds, focuses on planning with the most tax efficiency and maximising the growth of your savings. Add those up and that equals = less than you thought it was going to cost!